Air Creation Tanarg ES

The Tanarg ES is the newest version of the Tanarg from Air Creation. The Tanarg ES (Extra Silent) reduces noise by paying attention to aerodynamic detail to ensure clean airflow to the propeller. To do this the exhaust system has been tucked away behind the engine, and the rear and upper fairings have been slimmed down and re-profiled. Coupled with the new 3-blade propeller and an exhaust after muffler, noise emissions have been reduced considerably. The aerodynamic refinement has further been boosted with sleeker wheels and wheel fairings.
The Tanarg 912ES weight has been reduced by utilizing a lighter exhaust system, optimized coolant radiator, and a high performance battery. Flying the ES with smaller, lighter BioniX 13 wing, results in a 22 lb increase in payload capability ideal for those fly/camping adventures.