Air Creation BioniX 13

Thanks to the Corset®, this little rocket can do speeds up to 150 kph (93 mph), but unlike other wings of similar surface the BioniX 13 can still fly very slowly and handle short field takeoffs and landings like a pro.

The agility and maneuverability of the Bionix wings are unmatched, safe independent of payload and in all weather conditions, notably due to its use of luff lines. The Bionix 13 features light handling in pitch and roll in every Corset position.
Stable and predictable, there’s no worry concerning adverse yaw or inertia.

The Bionix 13 maneuvers crisply and cleanly through a huge performance envelope. Made with meticulously selected high technology fabrics, the Bionix 13 will satisfy many years of adventure seeking.

The Bionix 13 has been created For every pilot who loves fast wings and the pleasure of cross country flight but also appreciates a peaceful, low-energy cruise.