Air Creation BioniX² 13

BioniX² minimizes pilot action and extends your flight opportunities in the most severe wind conditions, confidently and without fatigue. For a peaceful ride on a light throttle, or out on the beaten path the BioniX² always performs. The effective range of its “Corset” has been extended by 30%. The X² is more responsive at low speeds and more efficient at high speeds. For roll lightness, a “Delrin” ring is used for the hang point and a balancing tab on the lower longitudinal cables reduces parasitic forces. For perfect control in all conditions, the control bar’s «Easy Grip» shape provides optimum comfort at all speeds and limits the control bar movements to control the pitch and benefit from one lateral support for the roll. By using new materials, the lifetime of the X² has been increased and the handling qualities are retained even longer. The mast and the A-frame are now in aluminum profiles for a perfect finish. The X² has improved the performances at high angles, the absorption of water droplets by the fabric on the leading edge, and the position of turbulators . This results in a reduction of the stall speed in all circumstances and increases the payload(MTOW 472.5 kg).