Air Creation iFun 16

The iFun 16 is a 40% pressurized double surface wing with a low twist and optimized batten profiles. Even though the iFun 16 sports an exposed crossbar, the performance rivals many wings with an internal crossbar! The iFun 16 also deserves its name DSEC (Double Surface with External Crossbars) rather than just a Simple Surface, as it excels in its class in idesign and performance.

The iFun 16 contains Kevlar fabric, a Trilam UV protected upper surface, a light weight of 45 kg with loading limits of +6 / -3g at 462 kg. The iFun 16 has a natural aptitude for ultra-short takeoffs and landings and a speed range from 50 to 120 km / h. This allows for cross country travel with landings in very short fields. The iFun 16 is the best performing economic wing on the market and is suited to heavy loads. It is extremely versatility which allows it to fit perfectly on any trike, and is suitable for engines from 50 to 100 hp.